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May 04, 2005


RaChelle Hendricks

By the way, what do I know about tiling floors (and you and Telfer are cleaner people than the Hendricks':-)? The white floor and the hardwood looks HOT! Can I move in? Every time you send pictures I love it more and more. By the way, I looked at your "2005 Album" and I think I have the cutest best friend IN THE WORLD (and you have the nerdiest since I look at your blog much to often). Yeah for Andrea and Telfer the new homeowners!

RaChelle Hendricks

I just realized that I sound like I'm saying I do know a lot about tiling (which I don't). And you and Telfer are clean people:-). I think I'll go now.
Love you!

LCpl Griffith, Austin L

i love you both. congratulations bubs. hopefully see you at christmas? i might get home sometime in august too.
little brother

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