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February 10, 2006


Jeff Hall

About time you had a new entry! Just kidding....it's a little ridiculous how often we check your site. Thanks for the reading ideas. I needed them. And I just have to ask...have you read A Million Little Pieces yet?


After receiving two great recommendations-- from you and Missy, I will be picking up Gilead. Thanks for the reading suggestions.


Yay! I loved the first three, too! (Though I still haven't done the needed 2nd read of HP6, as I occasionally feel the need to choke up into a sob at the thought of the end.)

Nancy Smith

Andrea! It's so funny/coincidental reading your favorite books. I loved Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, so much so that I began calling Amy "my new best friend." I got a signed copy of the book because i recommended the book to 15 people.

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