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July 01, 2010



Dear Andrea -- my prayers are with you! And Telfer, Cate, Jane and the rest of the family. What a frustrating situation, but the doctor is right ... months from now it will be worth it! I'll be praying for a new nurse, better food and the all important private room.


Praying, Andrea, for you all. Will add better food and a different, kind nurse, too! Blessings, Vickie


We have been and continue to pray for all of you.

Chris n griffith

Delightful post. You are an amazing woman.



Had lunch earlier in the week with Mendy and we prayed specifically for you! I'm looking forward to meeting you when you and Jane arrive. I've followed your blog for a while, at first because of your book reviews and then I became intrigued with Cate! ha! She is a strong child! Take this time to cuddle baby Jane and keep her safe. Bribe Eleanor for decent food and those of us who live in your new hometown will help your family and pray you through this time! Bless you! Kathie

Becca Henrickson

I ache for you, Andrea! How curious it is to see how God teaches patience (which is something I have to learn over and over) especially when expectations don't get met and everything goes in the opposite direction. Imagine how God can use you there and probably already has in ways you may not know or see. You are in my prayers: Your health, your spirit, and specifically your body, and Baby Jane's health, spirit, and body. From the tops of your heads to the bottoms of your feet!

Sending floods of love your way.


Hi BF. One more reason why you are moving to Olympia...all these amazing people praying for you and taking care of your little family. God is good. Love you. Praying for you. Talk to you soon.


Hi Honey!! As I read your blog, I was moved by your strength and reserve. God is equipping you to handle this situation and for that I'm grateful!
The wall colors you picked for the house are beautiful! Dad and I enjoyed painting today and it will look even better when we are able to do the moulding tomorrow! Will send you pix for sure! Telf got a good start on the kitchen cabinets....we all worked hard today and the reward each evening is to spend time with Cate! We are serving with joy!


Hi Andrea... this is a lot to handle and I can't imagine bed rest for 3 months when you had imagined something so much different. Thank you for sharing on your blog and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and all of your family too. Your life touches many people with the gracious and lovely person you are.

J.R. Caines

Wow, We are praying for you guys.

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