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September 16, 2010



terrrrrrrrible day. jane had such an easy time of it. so glad it's over!


Make sure you order a wheel-chair for the airport! Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Oh my gosh Andrea!! ugh! "feeling what they were doing???" Oh no! Poor Angrea! yikes! Thank God you made it through, Jane is ok, and you can be on your way to healing and strength! I'm so grateful Eleanor and Telfer were there for you! Safe travels home. Take it EASY now Andrea!


I'd say it's time to come home... :) Love all four of you. Can't wait to see the whole crew.


It sounds like a dreadful ordeal, but I'm so glad that you and Jane are all right.

Best wishes!

Erica Barclay

Hi Andrea, hope all is well and you're settled back in WA. The girls are beautiful!

Just wanted to say hi.

Erica (used to be Witeck)

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